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Apcalis | Tadalafil

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Tadalafil - Apcalis Tablets
Quantity Strength Price Unit Price
40 Tab Tadalafil - Apcalis 20 mg $100.00 $2.50
60 Tab Tadalafil - Apcalis 20 mg $120.00 $2.00
100 Tab Tadalafil - Apcalis 20 mg $190.00 $1.90

Dosage and administration

Apcalis 20mg is a solid dosage form taken orally within 30 minutes to1 hours of getting busy in the love making session. It can be taken with or with food. Swallow the whole tablet, don’t crush or chew the tablet. The impact of this drug starts in 30-45 minutes, and its dynamic result last for 36 hours. Don’t take more than one tablet in a day.


Side effects Some person may get common side effects like Nasal congestion, Eye pain, Red eye due to surplus blood supply, Indigestion (dyspepsia), pain in the Back, faintness, Pain in the muscles (myalgia),Swelling of the eyelid, Headache, Flushing. In case of painful erection longer than 4 hours take the help of doctor.
Precaution!!!! Avoid the intake of alcohol or grapefruit juice, along with Apcalis, as the occurrence of alcohol interferes with the availability of the drug in the body. Avoid the intake of drugs falls under the category of PDE 5 inhibitor, as it combination with Apcalis is may reinforce the side effects of Apcalis. This is not an aphrodisiac, works only when the man gets sexually excited. Apcalis tablet is for male impotency only; it should not be taken the female or individual under the age of 18. Avoid the work that requires alertness like driving or operating machinery until you know how to react in such situation. Apcalis is a renowned and reliable solution for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It contains generic Tadalafil as an active drug. Buy it online at the cheap price.

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