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Bimat in the form of eye drop comprises of Bimatoprost as the active constituent, which belongs to the category of prostaglandins because of which it is an analog of prostaglandin. Thus, the major effect of Bimatoprost is enhancing the eyelash growth and thickness. In addition, it is also useful in the treatment of glaucoma condition.

Working mechanism of Bimat eye drops-

Bimat eye drop encompassing Bimatoprost helps in boosting the anagen phase and reduces the telogen phase during a hair growth cycle. This makes your short and insufficient eyelashes (hypotrichosis condition) to grow big, dark, and thick. Additionally, Bimat assists in the reduction of augmented eye pressure due to aqueous humor inside the eyes in glaucoma condition.

The dosing regimen of using Bimat eye drops-

The Bimat eye drop is applied externally for eyelashes. This is done with the assistance of a clean and dry eyeliner brush or an applicator provided. Draw a line by applying the solution at the tip of the brush starting from the innermost part of the lash line margin to the outer point. Use the solution for once daily during the night for a regular duration of 12-16 weeks. You may achieve the results within 8 weeks but do not stop the drug.

Possible side effects of Bimat eye drop-

Blurred vision, irritation or itching in eyes, dizziness, iris pigmentation, drowsiness, headache, or sense of mild burning in the eyes are some commonly observed temporary side effects of the medication.

Do not use Bimat eye drop-

  • Persons with allergic responses to any ingredient of Bimat eye drop must not use this medication.
  • Any other ophthalmic disorder may worsen if you use Bimat eye drop without recommendation.
  • Children, geriatric, pregnant women and lactating mothers need to avoid Bimat eye drop.

Safety precautions with the use of Bimat eye drops-

  • Remove contact lenses and makeup before using the solution else, may cause interaction.
  • Keep a gap of 10-15 minutes between the usage of any other drug or reinserting the lenses after using Bimat eye drop.
  • Prevent the drug contamination by avoiding the contact of bottle tip to any surface. 

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