Eriacta works by inhibiting the action of PDE 5 enzyme, which was breaking down cGMP. Due to this, the concentration of cGMP in body increases, which further relaxes the cells underlying the organ of reproduction.

Eriacta said to work only under arousal state of mind towards making intimacy and leads to the production of Nitric Oxide (NO), which is a potent vasodilator that functions by dilating the vessels and enables more amount of blood to rush towards the organ. Thus, making the organ stand erect for a duration longer than normal and makes you the king of bed.

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How to take Eriacta:

Eriacta is available in two different dose strengths like 50 and 100mg. One has to take the medicine only when the need arises that is 50 minutes before making the sensuous drive. Take only one tablet with a glass full of water may be with or without meals. The dose once taken shows its effect for minimum 4 to 6 hours. Do not repeat the dose of Eriacta twice for the duration of 24 hours else may cause Priapism.


Precautions with Eriacta:

  • Taking Eriacta with Grapefruit juice and high fat food can delay the absorption of Eriacta drug and make it less responsive.
  • Taking Eriacta with alcohol may enhance drowsiness in-patient and might impair the thinking ability of an individual. Therefore, driving and operating a machine is not at all advisable after that.


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