live a healthy life, and prescribed her with the dose of Sibutril, Reductil & Meridia medication. At a certain time, my friend and I use to eat anything without any fear of gaining weight, but later with the age, your metabolism, lifestyle, and pathophysiological conditions change that lead to the overweight condition. Thus, with the help of Sibutril medicine, you can easily lose those extra kilos from your body and can again revive those lightweight and slim body living.


Sibutril is a very effective and efficient remedy for treating the condition of obesity in adult persons. Sibutramine is the functional ingredient present in Sibutril brand. This medication works as an anti-obesity drug that comes in 15mg dosage strength for an effectual weight loss regimen. Sibutril (Sibutramine) medicine acts on the reuptake inhibition of noradrenaline, serotonin and some extent to dopamine. This encourages the dual actions of Sibutril drug as satiety enhancement and constricts the drop in basal metabolic rate (BMR). These two actions lead to the feeling of fullness even with smaller meals, fat burning, and frequency of food ingestion.

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The dosing regimen of Sibutril- Sibutramine in 15mg dose in Sibutril brand is taken orally with water. Starting dose to be consumed is Sibutril 10mg daily in the morning with or without the meal. Only the pill does not treat your condition. You should limit food items of high calories in your diet and continue the therapy for the duration prescribed by your physician. Taking Sibutril drug in overdose can exaggerate the negative effects of the drug that can include dry mouth, dizziness, constipation, hypersensitivity, change in menstrual cycle, or emotional liability. Therefore, while relying on Sibutril medication, the user should follow some preventive measures-

  • Sibutril is not a useful medicine for a pregnant woman or a nursing mother.
  • The circumstances of allergic reactions make your condition unsuitable for the use of Sibutril medicine.
  • Children under 16 years of age and elder people above 65 years of age are not recommended to take Sibutril medication.
  • Never combine Sibutril therapy with MAO inhibitor medicine because of the risk of side effects.
  • Taking Sibutril under certain medical problems of the heart, seizures, gallstones, bleeding disorders, liver, or kidney ailments make your condition worse.
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