Soma is a brand containing generic as Carisoprodol that relieves you from muscle pain or spasm. Soma quickly kills your muscle pain like spasm or soreness but along with rest and physical therapy. Soma works by breaking down the pain stimulus that transmits from pain site towards brain centers. It blocks the neuronal communication between the reticular formation and spinal cord.


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Get to know about the dosage instructions about Soma

For getting relief from muscle spasm, engulf Soma 350 mg tablet by an oral route thrice per day, with ample water or you can also engulf 500 mg tablet two times in a day.       

Get to know about the Contraindications with Soma

  • If you are suffering from porphyria disorder then do not use Soma.
  • Do never use when you have a sensitivity to Carisoprodol or Meprobamate.
  • You should not use it in patients who have any history of drug abuse.
  • Do not give it to patients whose age is below 12 years.
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Get to know about the safety precautions to follow with Soma

  • Some patients may feel drowsy and dizzy after using Soma so be cautious before you perform any harsh activities.
  • Brief your doctor if you suffer from epilepsy, renal disorder, and hepatic disorder.
  • Soma may incorporate habit formation so avoid its misuse.
  • Store this medication in a safe and secure zone away from small children reach.
  • Restrict the intake of drugs that causes more sleepiness.
  • Prohibit the use of alcoholic beverages when you have to use Soma.
  • Ask your doctor before you use in lactating mothers.


Get to know about the side effects of Soma

Some side effects you may see with Soma are dizziness, lack of coordination, feeling irritable, tremor, fainting, paralysis, nausea, blurred vision, agitation, chest tenderness, fatigue, drowsiness, diarrhea, imprecise vision, gastric upset, and confused mental state.