The reason in disguise to abortion are many such as poor psychic (emotional) and physical health of the pregnant mother, mother suffering from disease such as Diabetes, Thalassemia and others, poor financial condition, quarrelsome relation with the beau or the spouse, got a ditch from the partner or going through very stressful stage due to bereavement. Having enough children at home or family planning, career planning, and child through molestation or through forceful incest also not give happiness to the couple.


Girls of schools, college or those who stay in cohabitation with their beau can acquaint the fetus in the womb by mistake or due to the failure of contraceptives and other protective measures like vaginal pouches, condoms, and spermicidal jellies. Some women do abortion as per their own choice because they think that they are not capable enough to support the children as a single parent whereas some undergo an abortion by the fear of their parent's annoyance or from the fear of the breakup from the beau. Some women under pregnancy cannot take up the change happening in their bodies so they take up abortion as the better option rather than suffering from the obnoxious aftermath of pregnancy.


MTP Kit is the set of abortion pills that contains two active generic constituents as mentioned above Mifepristone and Misoprostol. The two in combination works by inhibiting the surge of progesterone hormone therefore in a deficiency of pregnancy hormone the endometrial lining of the uterus to which fetus attach for attaining nutrition gets degraded and fetus turns dead. Medicine also couples with receptor present in the myometrial lining so to produce pulsatile constrictions in the uterus. Hence, in this way, the fetal debris finally loses connection and the same get flushed from the uterus in form of vaginal bleeding.


In pack, there is one pill of Mifepristone 200mg that is to be swallowed orally with plenty of water on an empty stomach. After the lapse of 48 hours, women has to consume all 4 pills of Misoprostol each of 200mcg strength present in pack need to be taken by insinuating then by placing pills deep inside the vaginal cavity. One can put these pills in the mouth too between gums and cheeks and then swallow the contents. The most crucial step is to undergo an abdominal ultrasound after 14 days to confirm that there is no debris present in the uterus.


Adverse effects that women might get taking MTP kit involves nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, emotional grief, intense abdominal cramps and heavy vaginal bleeding, fastening of breath, an excess of sweat, shakiness with pain into muscles, fever and sleep apnea.

Precautionary measures that women must take with these medications are an evasion of booze, smoke, junkie, beverages containing caffeine and foods that are loaded with cheese. Complete rest, intake of diet rich in nutrition value can make easy and early recovery of the women. Put your IUD out prior you think to put pills inside you. Undergo a check for pregnancy and confirm that it is not the ectopic one, as MTP kit can't solve this one.


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