The same happens with a boy, who went to the discotheque with his friend to relish the weekend night. There he was stuck with a girl who was dancing freely after getting down with loads of alcohol and was slowly putting out her clothes in the month of January, he just felt like she is inviting him only. Then who is going to wait, he rushed towards the girls and influence her with his dance moves. He stepped further and slowly started checking on her and stimulates the girl with his soft and loving touch on her sensuous area and by kissing on her lips, neck and cheeks. Then, what? He takes her in the room of hotel to satisfy the bodily desires of both of them and make the girl fan of him because of his incredible energy and time he spent in bed with her. He felt glad about the response from the girl and gave all his credit to Levitra.

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Mode of Action of Levitra:

Levitra is a medication widely available in the market for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in males by inhibiting the action of Isoenzyme PDE 5. Thus, builds up the concentration of cGMP in the body cells. The medication, when taken under arousal condition, leads to the evolution of NO, which further combines with guanylate receptors, and builds up the concentration of cGMP in the male corpus cavernosum region of penile. The two NO and cGMP causes dilation and relaxation of the blood vessels and enables the higher amount of blood to rush towards the male reproductive region. Thus, leads to a successful erection.

Dosing schedule of Levitra:

Levitra medicines containing Vardenafil HCl is available in three different dose strengths like 20, 40 and 60mg. In order to cure dysfunction of erectile, the patient should take the only tablet of Levitra once a day with sufficient amount of water may be with or without meals, prior to 60 minutes of getting cozy with any individual only under arousal state. The tablet once taken precipitates its effect for a duration minimum to 4 to 6 hours and the patient is not recommended to repeat the dosage within the duration of 24 hours.

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Side effects of Levitra:

Nausea, Diarrhea, mild headache, drowsiness, Gastric upset, heartburn, mood swings, blurred vision, tinnitus, sore throat.

Precautions with Levitra therapy:

  • Omit the use of medication, if you develop any allergic reactions to Vardenafil HCl or its metabolites and excipients.
  • Hypotensive patients or patients on nitrates therapy should not use this medicine prior the consult of Physician
  • Grapefruit juice and rich fatty meals delay the absorption of Levitra  from the blood stream
  • Avoid concentration or stress related work after taking Levitra because the medicine interferes with an individual's thinking abilities and may retard his response time too.

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