Caring beauty of eyes is one important thing that everyone never forgets to do. Besides using cosmetics and beauty products we are always in search of such products that can help us in enhancing our natural beauty. There are certain eye care medications available in the market that is helpful not only in managing health of your eyes but also effective in adding to your natural beauty. One of the bestsellers in the category of medicine cum beauty product is Careprost eye care drops. These drops are intended to boost growth of eyelash hair making them look denser and voluminous.

If you are thinking to buy careprost drops and use it there are certain guidelines that you need to know.



  • Careprost is actually a medicine that you should use as per the instructions and guidelines provided with the pack by the manufacturer. It is not a common cosmetic that you can use as per your conviniennce any time you want. It will be good for you to get a prescription first if you are willing to use it.
  • There are certain health conditions in which users are not allowed to take benefits of Careprost in enhancing beauty of their eyelashes such as allergy with some ingredients present in the serum including both active and inactive part. It contains bimatoprost 0.03% as active ingredient.
  • If you are using Careprost for the first time and already using lens or taking any medication for eyes, don’t forget to get this information noted at the time of prescription for Careprost. You have to pay extra cautions during using this serum.
  • If you have some history of allergies with certain eye medication or going for eye surgery, start this medication carefully only after approval of your doctor.
  • You will get instructions for proper use in your discussion for ‘how to use Careprost drops for eyelash growth’. Generally it is preferred to be used at the night time after clearing all cosmetics from face.
  • Also, pay attention on the handling of applicator of the Careprost drops.
  • Once you get prescription for Careprost drops, there are many sources which can provide you with quick delivery of the product at your destination. You can access Careprost drops online like quick links to get your order placed for the product.

All in all, you are making a good decision by choosing Careprost drops for eyelash growth. This serum can provide you with great feature of denser, longer eyelashes with continuous use. The change in your overall facial features will get noticed by your family and friends. So, be ready to enjoy compliments as you will get plenty once you start using Careprost!