Pain-O-Soma by simple mechanism resists the weird neural transmission of pain to reach the reticular receptor site in the brain, nociceptors, and spinal cord. Thus, enable the patients to perceive pain and soothe their condition.

To counter pain the patient can intake 350mg dosing thrice in a day maintaining the time lapse of minimum 4 to 6 hours and 500mg dosing twice in a day with colossal water either with the full or empty stomach. The maximum dose that an adult patient can intake is 350mg whereas for senectitude it is 500mg.


Some pernicious effect that a patient perhaps face are fatigue, swelling of the face, lips, tongue, breath shortness and fastening, dizziness, cough, fever, tiredness, confusion, headache, blurred vision, hiccups, gastric upset.

Do not retract the medicine intake abruptly else have to through withdrawal symptoms that might not be pleasing. Intake of alcohol, grapefruit, and its juice might delay the threshold of Carisoprodol. Driving or riding a motor vehicle and operation of machinery after the intake of medicine may hamper the patient alertness and increases the liability of an accident.

Do not administer medicine to patients, who are suffering from threatening issues of liver and kidney. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should not intake medicine without the consultation of a physician because the medicine may develop drug dependence in the fetus and its withdrawal might be threatening.


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