A muscle spasm can be mild, moderate or severe depending upon the injury but it is always irritating. A wrong movement or jerk can cause strain in the muscle. During such pain, all we hunt is an effective medicine which can remove the pain quickly. Carisoprodol is a muscle relaxant which is extensively used globally. It is famous because of its quick action and immediate effect.

Carisoprodol belongs to muscle relaxant, a drug class which is used to tighten muscles. This medicine is helpful in treating muscle pain, injury and sprain. It stimulates the hormones that are responsible for preventing the pain sensation message to the brain through nerve.

Doctors from all over the world recommend this medicine to the patients who suffer extreme musculoskeletal pain or injury. If you too face any such pain then buy Carisoprodol 350mg today. You can buy this medicine at reasonable price. It can be bought in various strengths.

Before using Carisoprodol, please consult your doctor and share your medical history with him. Your health care provider will suggest you the strength and dosage of the medicine as per the level of pain and requirement. Please do not use the medicine after the time specified by your doctor as it has habit forming property.

Carisoprodol is used as an active ingredient in various pain relivers. It is used for immediate pain relief from various musculoskeletal disorders such including muscle tremor, spasm and stiffness of muscles. You can use this medicine for sedation and relaxation of muscles.This medicine is found highly effective in providing relief from muscle pain, caused due to any injury.

Please store Carisoprodol at room temperature ranging from 20 to 25 degrees centigrade. Do not expose the medicine to light, heat, moisture and dampness as doing so can spoil the effectiveness of the medicine. Always keep the medicine away from the reach of children and pets. Always check the expiry date on the label before using the medicine.


  • You are advised to consult your doctor before using this medicine. Please make sure that you discuss your medical history with the doctor before consuming Carisoprodol.

  • Please do not share or suggest this medicine to anyone else.

  • Please use this medicine after doctor’s recommendation if you are pregnant.

  • Do not use Carisoprodol if you are hypersensitive to this drug or you have epilepsy, liver or kidney disorder.

  • This medicine is not recommended for children under 12 years of age.

  • Do not drive or get engaged in physical activity after consuming this medicine.

  • Carisoprodol has habit forming property and thus it should be consumed only by the needy ones.

  • You may experience withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia, headache, stomach pain & nausea after discontinuing the medicine.