The causes of Erectile Dysfunction are many such as age, long working hours, improper sleep or disturbed sleep due to rotational shifts, performance anxiety either in bed or in work, overburden with family or official responsibilities, overweight (obesity), and imbalance of hormone testosterone. Intake of certain medications that causes hallucinations or the medications to hair loss treatment also leads to the development of medication.


Diseases such as high cholesterol level, hypertension, diabetes, multiple necroses, shingles, piles, varicose veins or any injury or surgery to the penile region can pull the person under the girth of suffering from disease Impotence. Foods that are hard to digest such as junks, packet foods and beverages that consist of caffeine, grapefruit juice, and alcohol, puffing excess of tobacco smoke will also develop impotence issues in men.


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Tight underpants, lack of nutritious diet, using laptop putting over the lap for a longer time can also make men slither in sensual performance. Ugh! Improvise your unhealthy habits and begin the intake of Cenforce 100mg medication.


Sildenafil Citrate is the core functional ingredient to brand Cenforce that when consumed diffuse directly into the blood stream and shatters the functioning of PDE-5 Isoenzymes so inhibit the breakdown of cGMP. The two chemicals cGMP and NO (Nitric Oxide) released by the men organ invites the dilation to penile vessels and relaxation of corpus cavernosum tissues so facilitates the flood of blood enter in men specific organ called penile. So, the organ turns stiff, strong and erect for longer duration which is enough to please the couple.


Men should consume 100mg dosing of Cenforce an hour in lieu making intimacy with a partner in bed. This pill can be taken either before or after the food but without crushing, chewing or breaking the tablets in between. Once the man consumes this pill the effect of it last in organ for next 5-6 hours but is noticeable only under stimulated state. No men are suggested to repeat the dosing prior the completion of 24 hours.


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Some adverse effects that men might experience after taking the Sildenafil dosing include facial flushing, headache, queasiness, diarrhea, sore throat, dry skin and rash, chest pain, lower back pain, blur vision, upset digestion, and Priapism.


Cautionary measures that men must take with medication Cenforce include maintaining a safe distance from the booze, tobacco smoke a cigarette. Men must not consume junk foods, nitrates medications, grapefruit juice and caffeinated beverages when taking this medication. Do not drive motor or handle any machine after taking Sildenafil pills.


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