Unwanted or wrongly timed pregnancy is generally the outcome of lovemaking sessions without the aid of contraceptive measure or improper use of contraception. Sometimes, unintended pregnancies can also be a result of unwanted, forced sex and the monstrous of all crimes called ‘rape’. Nowadays, unintended pregnancies are a public health concern for the world over, with instances of the same going up every day. These pregnancies create health problems and a foremost reproductive health problem worldwide imposing a substantial socioeconomic burden on individuals and society. Unintended pregnancy is also considered as a high-risk pregnancy allied with high rates of harmful consequences for mother, partner and the baby.

If a woman and her spouse are sure and on the same page about not wanting a child as of now, she might decide to conclude the pregnancy. She must take this decision together and with confidence, else she might get into depression and this may become a subject of dispute. Women can safely terminate her pregnancy by using Abortion pills. Mifepristone is a most reliable and effective birth control pills.

Know more about MTP Abortion Kit

Nowadays, Mifepristone pills are extensively utilized in the conclusion of an early pregnancy of 7 weeks of the gestation period. Women can safely execute an abortion to wrap up their undesired pregnancy at their home in a secret way. FDA approved safety and efficacy of this abortion pill for the termination pregnancy of 49 days.

Mifepristone inhibits the activity of Progesterone hormone and prevents the growth of a fetus. Mifepristone causes shedding of the uterine wall and the fetus gets detached from the mother's womb. It also helps in the dilation and softening of the cervix, so that a fetus expels out from the mother's womb. It causes strong contraction of the endometrial wall and expels the fetus along with dead cells out of the mother's womb.

MTP Kit is an Amazing Choice to Remove Unintended Pregnancy

A woman can induce her abortion with Mifepristone abortion pills by following this dosing regimen. She has to take three Mifepristone pills (each 200mg) via the oral route on an empty stomach, with sufficient amount of water. She has to follow with a clinical visit two days after the ingestion of these pills for the confirmation of a birth control. If she is still pregnant, then she has to take to Misoprostol pills (each 200mcg) via the oral or vaginal route. After two days, she has to follow with a clinical visit for the final confirmation of an abortion.

A woman may come across some undesired effects while terminating her pregnancy with MTP Kit such as stomachache, severe headache, vomiting, cramps, muscle soreness, irritation, pelvic pain, and painful or heavy vaginal bleeding.


  • If a woman is hypersensitive to Mifepristone pills, then she should not use this medicine.
  • If a woman has an ectopic pregnancy or her pregnancy is more than 7 weeks of gestation, then she should use this pill to terminate her pregnancy.
  • A woman has to avoid the sexual intercourse for some days with your spouse after an abortion.
  • It is important for any woman to consume a healthy diet, which contains protein, carbohydrate, and vitamins after or during an abortion.

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