The reason for your poor involvement in work and social life is nerve pain? Whether you are a
homemaker or a professional this sort of pain can disturb the whole day routine of yours. The feeling of
inflammation and irritation of the nerve is the basic reason behind the neuropathic pain. Explained as
“pinched nerve pain” by most of the patients, this condition develops due to rupturing of soft tissues in
the nerves. And, tingling, weakness, numbness or burning sensations are the common symptoms of this
completely different pain condition. It is not possible to get any healing with regular pain relievers that
we use of body pain in such difficult nerve pain conditions.
Lyrica is a neuropathic pain reliever advised by doctors all around the globe. You can buy Lyrica after
discussing with your doctor to get your pain relived in short run of time. However, this is not a simple
medication and therefore you should understand the medication completely if you are thinking to use it.
More upon it, the drug abusive history is also there to be watchful for while using Lyrica. Here are the
basic precautions that can help you to relieve nerve pain safely with this medication:
 Lyrica is a brand medication for generic Pregabalin. The medication is known as powerful
reliever of severe nerve pain. The dosing regimen depends on various factors like age, overall
health conditions and severity of your pain. Your doctors can advice the right dose depending on
the condition causing neuropathic pain such as diabetic condition herpes zoster, or spinal cord
 As listed above the active content of medicine is Pregabalin and people with history of allergic
response with the same are not supposed to use Lyrica for any health benefits due to stronger
possibilities of getting hypersensitivity reactions.
 Combining medications along with alcoholic drinks in your routine is contraindicated. Lyrica
medication can’t be used successfully along with the use of alcohol.
 As detailed above age and overall health conditions have a crucial role in deciding the
appropriateness of Lyrica. And, this medication is only valid for use in patient is above the age of
18 years.
 Likewise, females should also have to pay attention and caution while choosing Lyrica for
healing any health condition. This medicine is completely contra indicated in conditions of
pregnancy and breast feeding due to possibilities of adverse reactions on the baby. You may be
suggested with an alternative medication to resolve neuropathic nerve pain during pregnancy
and lactation.
 The medication with Lyrica affects your conscious and makes you feel dizzy in the day. If your
work involves constant alertness and activeness, you should avoid taking Lyrica just before
work. You should mind taking some rest after having Lyrica.
All medications react somehow differently in patients as per their overall health conditions. Lyrica is a
wonderful neuropathic pain reliever and can be used for other health conditions as well under advice of
a medical professional. You can buy Lyrica and use it for betterment of health safely and effectively by
following medication as per precautions and guideline of use.