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Buy Cenforce | sildenafil citrate tablets 100mg| sildenafil tablets 50mg

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Generic Sildenafil Citrate
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200 Tablets Fildena/cenforce 150 - Generic Sildenafil Citrate 150mg $92.00 $0.46
40 Tablets Fildena/cenforce 50 - Generic Sildenafil Citrate 50mg $30.00 $0.75
60 Tablets Fildena/cenforce 50 - Generic Sildenafil Citrate 50mg $37.00 $0.62
100 Tablets Fildena/cenforce 50 - Generic Sildenafil Citrate 50mg $55.00 $0.55
40 Tablets Fildena/cenforce 100mg - Generic Sildenafil 100mg $30.00 $0.75
60 Tablets Fildena/cenforce 100mg - Generic Sildenafil 100mg $37.00 $0.62
100 Tablets Fildena/cenforce 100mg - Generic Sildenafil 100mg $55.00 $0.55
120 Tablets Fildena/cenforce 100mg - Generic Sildenafil 100mg $61.00 $0.51
200 Tablets Fildena/cenforce 200 - Generic Sildenafil Citrate 200mg $168.00 $0.84

What are the effects of taking Cenforce 100mg medicine in men?

A man suffering from Erectile Dysfunction when consuming the medicine Cenforce, he can easily cope up himself from the curse of this disease. The medicine improves the supply of blood and oxygen in the particular region of groin especially the penile. Hence, enables the men to attain a perfect erection for stretched duration of action. Cenforce 100mg effectively resolve impotence dilemma or erectile dysfunction in men. 

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 What is the action methodology of Cenforce 100mg Tablets?

The active module of the brand Cenforce is generic Sildenafil citrate and it functions simply by acting on the group of enzymes called PDE5 whose function is to do the breakdown of cGMP within the corpus cavernosum cells of the penile. Thus, due to inhibition of enzyme action there occurs the accumulation of cGMP within the penile tissues, which further facilitates the relaxation of penile blood vessels and the relaxation of penile smooth muscles to allow the flood of blood to enter in the specific region. Hence, make the penile stood erect and stiff for stretched session.

 What is the dosing methodology of Cenforce 100mg Tablets?

A person under the girth of ED can take Cenforce 100mg medicine to improve his physical and sensual condition of penile. A man can consume Cenforce 55-60 minutes in lieu of enjoying the intimate session with a partner. This medicine needs to swallow as a whole and can be taken either with or without food but with colossal water.

 What are the malicious effects that are associated with the Cenforce 100mg tablets intake?

Malicious effects that patient can encounter when intake this medicine includes a headache, blurry vision, stuffy nose, ringing in ears, pain in back, shortening of breath, dryness of penile skin, intense craving from sensuality and Priapism.

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 What are the precautions and the contraindications allied to Cenforce 100mg tablets?

  • A person when taking Cenforce must not consume alcohol or take the huff-puff of tobacco smoke.
  • Fat rich diet and grapefruit juice might delay the medicine action so the patient must not consume the same.
  • Nitrates enclosing medicines must not be accompanied with Cenforce therapy.
  • Motor riding or machinery operation must do with extreme caution as a person might develop drowsiness and encounter loss in concentration so instance to meet an accident is quite high. 

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