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Vardenafil Tablets - Vilitra
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Importance of Vilitra in erection dysfunction

It is difficult to take the taunt of impotent when you fail to please your partner. Unable to get an erection means lack of pleasure during sexual intercourse. Vilitra drug is highest sold out medication to solve the occurrence of an erectile failure in males. Vilitra works by speeding up blood flow to penile vessels causing a firm erection.


Pathway how Vilitra works inside body

Vilitra has active ingredient as Vardenafil that is called as a PDE5 inhibitor. When there is a lack of blood flow towards the genital region, there is the least erection. Vardenafil shows its work effectively by interfering with the function of the PDE5 and hence rises the amount of cGMP in penile. The higher the cGMP, greater will be vasodilation of blood vessels. Vasodilation fastens up the blood flow through vessels lifting up your erection. With Vilitra, sexual arousal is also required for an erection.


Dosing steps to follow with Vilitra

To cease your erection problem, use 20 mg of Vilitra single pill before 60 min of physical intimate sessions. The function begins within 30 minutes of its use and the duration lasts longer for up to 4 to 6 hours. You should take it once per day. Consume it with or without meals. Do not take greater than one per day.


Contradictory factors to follow with Vilitra

  • Do never use when you are already using poppers or nitrate drugs.
  • Never consume when you have any allergic reaction with Vilitra.
  • There are chances of a heart ailment, high or low blood pressure, hereditary degenerative eye problem, liver problem, kidney problem; those patients should never consume Vilitra.


Safety precautions to keep in mind before using Vilitra

  • You may get doze off with Vilitra so be away from harsh physical work.
  • Cease using any other ED drug if you are sideways ingesting Vilitra.
  • Use cautiously in elders and children.


Harmful effects with Vilitra

Common side effects with Vilitra are as Vision changes, irregular heartbeat, heartburn, dizziness, nausea, flushing, painful erection, memory loss, allergic symptom, and swelling of face or mouth.

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