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What are the benefits of taking Vilitra on the sensual health of men and what is it's dosing?

Men who take Vilitra (Vardenafil) medicine 45 minutes before having lovemaking act with a partner they observe a commendable change in their sensual performance and attain an erection that is erect, firm and perfect. The pleasure of intimacy gets enhanced by several times after the intake of this medicine. The dose of Vilitra once taken lasts its effect for a duration not less than 5-6 hours moreover, do not demand the replication of dose up to a lapse of 24 hours.


What is the action forte of Vilitra 50mg and 100mg?

Vardenafil holed up within Vilitra functions by inhibiting the action of PDE-5 Isoenzyme, which is to do the breakdown of cGMP. Thus, due to this, there occurs the accumulation of cGMP within the penile or corpus cavernosum which further cause the relaxation of the penile muscles and the dilation of penile blood vessels to facilitate the rush of blood enter in the male penile to make the same erect, firm and better in measurements.


What are the adverse effects of taking Vilitra?

Men suffering from disease of ED taking medicine Vilitra have risk of some side effects like congestion in nose, soreness in throat, severe headache, skin rashes, shallowness in breathing, tachycardia or bradycardia, abdominal distress, trembling of muscles, chills, pain in back and Priapism, if patient take the overdose of medicine.


What are the precautions that men should take whilst Vilitra intake?

  • Men taking Vilitra therapy should cut the booze of alcohol, intake of grapefruit juice, and foods rich in high-fat content.
  • Men taking Vardenafil must not take nitrates enclosed medicine.
  • Men after consuming Vilitra must not do the riding of a motor vehicle or operate any of the machines else can meet an accident.


What are the contraindications associated with Vilitra consumption?

  • Men who develop any hypersensitivity after the consumption of medicine must not consume the same further and should talk to a physician for another option.
  • Men having any impairment of organ such as liver, kidney or heart then such patients should first seek the advice of a physician.
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