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Catapres - Clonidine 100mcg

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Clonidine (KLOE-ni-deen)
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30 Tablets Catapres 100mcg $9.00 $0.30
90 Tablets Catapres 100mcg $25.00 $0.28
Catapres - Clonidine 100mcg
You must stay away from the overdose of it. Take the dosage according to the instruction of the doctor. If overdose is taken by you just call to your doctor immediately or else it may cause a harsh problem for you.
Users may experience some side effects like headache, dizziness, flushing, tiredness, nausea, and palpitations and swelling in lower extremities. If these conditions continue for long time or get worse, talk to your doctor immediately.
Do not stop it suddenly; you should not stop taking this medicine without asking to your doctor. Clonidine does not cure high blood pressure completely; it just keeps it under control. People should avoid this medicine if they are allergic with the elements of this medicine. This medicine may have interactions while using it in the blend of other medicines so it is better to share your medical record with your doctor. You should also tell him the medicine that you have used earlier.

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