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Somatropin is an amazing medicine that is used for treating people who are suffering from a deficiency of growth factors. Deficiency of growth factors leads to various conditions like renal failure, Turner's syndrome, Noonan syndrome and dwarfism. Somatropin successfully treats the growth hormone deficiency by improving the muscle and bone growth in the body.

The working mechanism of Somatropin:

Somatropin-HGH contains a synthetic version of human growth hormone. It is structurally similar to HGH that is required for the normal development of bones, muscles and soft tissues. It also helps in building fats and muscle in the right proportion in the body.

The dosing regimen of Somatropin:

For treating adult human growth deficiency: Take not more than 0.004 mg/kg subcutaneously once a day OR a total of 0.04 mg/kg per week in divided doses. Do not take more than 0.016 mg/kg once a day.

For treating pediatric growth hormone deficiency: Take 0.024-0.034 mg/kg, subcutaneously, once a day, 6-7 times a week.

Contraindications of Somatropin:

  • Do not use Somatropin if you are allergic to any of the ingredient present in this medication.
  • If you have an active recurring cancer or brain tumor then do not use Somatropin.
  • In the presence of any breathing problems, pituitary or endocrine disorders do not take Somatropin.
  • If there is a history of diabetes or any renal, hepatic disorder, then taking Somatropin is not advisable.
  • Epileptic patients or patients suffering from adrenal gland disorder should not take Somatropin.

Adverse effects:

The commonly occurring adverse effects with the use of Somatropin are a headache, limb pain, peripheral edema, upper respiratory tract infection and joint pain.

Warnings and precautions:

  • Follow the proper diet plan given by your physician along with Somatropin.
  • Do not consume alcohol and other sedatives while using Somatropin.
  • Pregnant women and lactating mothers should not take Somatropin.
  • Monitor your blood glucose at regular intervals while using Somatropin.
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