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buy carisoprodol 350 mg| prosoma 350mg / 500mg

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Generic Carisoprodol Pro soma 350Mg
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100 Tablets Prosoma 350 mg $120.00 $1.20
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300 Tablets Prosoma 350 mg $178.20 $0.59
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The succinct narration of Pain-O-Soma Tablets 350mg:

Medicine Pain-O-Soma is massively sold medication for the cure of pain in muscles due to any injury or after the surgery. Pulling, twitching, stretching and tearing can cause pain in the muscles of the person that can easily be cured by the consumption of medication Carisoprodol.


Action mechanism of Pain-O-Soma Tablets 350mg:

The active ingredient Carisoprodol holed up within brand Pain-O-Soma functions tremendously well in rectifying the pain in people. The medicine makes the people free from their panic condition by hindering the neural signals carrying the message of pain to reach the reticular formation in brain traversing via the spinal cord. Thus, make the person unable to sense the pain.


Dosing regime of Pain-O-Soma Tablets 350mg:

People suffering from muscular pain have to consume Pain-O-Soma 350 mg with colossal water with or without food three times a day maintaining the lapse of min 5-6 hours between consecutive doses. The maximum tolerable dose of Carisoprodol is 1400mg for adults whereas it is 700mg for the geriatrics. Do not take medicine after crushing or chewing the dosing. You have to consume it as a whole.


Adverse effects allied with Pain-O-Soma Tablets 350mg:

Patient taking Pain-O-Soma can discover some side effects such as intense fatigue, swelling of the face, lips, tongue, dizziness, cough, fever, tiredness, confusion, headache, blurred vision, hiccups, gastric upset nad fastening of breath.


Precautions that people should take with Pain-O-Soma Tablets 350mg:

People taking Pain-O-Soma must not consume alcohol or any drug abuse. Driving a motor vehicle and operating any of the machines is not the safe task to opt after consuming this medicine because it precipitates intense drowsiness inpatient due to which the chances of met accident increases. People suffering from dysfunction of vital organs such as liver, kidney or heart must not consume Carisoprodol. Pregnant women and nursing mothers must not consume Pain-O-Soma because it develops dependence in the patient and sudden withdrawal produces weird symptoms in the patient. 

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