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Induject-250 - Testosterone Compound

Starting from $6.27

Induject-250 - Testosterone Compoundc
Quantity Strength Price Unit Price
10 Vial Induject-250 (Testosterone) $68.00 $6.80
20 Vial Induject-250 (Testosterone) $128.00 $6.40
30 Vial Induject-250 (Testosterone) $188.00 $6.27

Induject 250 injection encloses a blend of testosterone hormones that consist of four different testosterone esters are Testosterone propionate (30 mg), Testosterone Phenylpropionate (60 mg), Testosterone isocaproate (60mg), and Testosterone decanoate (100 mg).  Induject 250 injection retains a strong anabolic effect with a well-defined androgenic activity that helps to provide good gains in strength and muscle mass. It also quite effective in restoring the testosterone level in the body and maintain the hormone level to normal. It also manages erection trouble and boosts vigor or stamina in men.  

Action mechanism of Induject 250 injection:

Testosterone augments the creation of protein in the body and maintains the greater anabolic environment in the body by retaining nitrogen level. It enhances the creation of RBC (red blood cells) that enhances the capability of the muscle to perform and plays a very important role in endurance and recovery.

Dosing regimen of Induject 250 injection:

Induject 250 injection should be injected through intramuscular route. Dose for the maintenance of normal Testosterone level: An individual has to inject 250mg of Induject every 3-4 week range with one injection every 3 weeks. Dose for performance enhancement: An athlete or bodybuilder should inject 250-1,000mg of Induject injection per week. The dose should not be enhanced more than 1000mg per week.

Contradictory conditions for the use of Induject 250 injection:

  • Do not use Induject 250 injection if you are suffering from prostate cancer or breast cancer.
  • Do not use Induject 250 injection if you are having allergic reactions with Induject 250 injection or its other ingredients.
  • Do not use Induject 250 injection if you have a history of primary liver cancer or nephrosis.

Side effects of Induject 250 injection:        

The most common side effects are reported with the use of Induject 250 injection such as headache, mood changes, nervousness, vomiting, weight gain, muscle tenderness, joint ache, hair loss, and bad mood 

Possible drug interactions of Induject 250 injection:

Do not use Induject 250 injection if you are relying on the treatment with any of these medicines:

  • Phenobarbital
  • Anti-coagulants
  • Anti-diabetic drugs

Things to be kept in mind while using Induject 250 injection:

  • If you are suffering from any of these medical conditions such as epilepsy, migraine, sleep apnea, or diabetes, then you should consult your doctor before using Induject 250 injection.
  • If you are suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension, then he should not use Induject 250 injection without consulting their doctor.
  • Boys who have not yet reached teenage years should stay away from the use of Induject 250 injection. 
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