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CARISOPRODOL pain o soma online
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What is Pain-O-Soma?

Pain-O-Soma 500mg | 350 MG is the brand that encloses Carisoprodol as its active module. The medication functions awesome in combating the sensation of pain traversing in the human body due to any injury or surgery of muscles, tearing in cartilage, twitches, tear spasms and pulling of muscles.


What is the action mechanism of Pain-O-Soma?

The medicine Pain-O-Soma functions by simply blocking the conduction of pain signals traversing from the effector site to reach the CNS reticular formulation via the spinal cord which enables the person to not to perceive the pain and precipitates the sedation too.


What is the dosing schedule of medicine Pain-O-Soma?

The person consuming the medicine Pain-O-Soma 350mg has to consume the medicine thrice in a day after the interval of 5-6 hours when the person begins to feel the pain in his body. You can consume the dose of medicine either with or without food but without crushing the tablet.


What are the adverse effects that can strike the person?

Few untoward effects that a patient might get after taking the Carisoprodol enclosing Pain-O-Soma medicines are trembling in muscles, headache, annoyance, lethargy, mood swings, queasiness, insomnia, hiccups, upset stomach.


What are the precautions allied with Pain-O-Soma intake?

Some precautionary measures that person should follow when taking medication Pain-O-Soma is that do not drive the vehicle by self or operate any machinery and also must not participate in any of the outdoor sports else chances are higher to get injured because of lethargy or lesser cognition or concentration. Women who are expecting a child or those who are breastfeeding their children then they must not take this medicine without the consultation with a physician. People who develop an allergy after the intake of medicine or is suffering from the disease of heart, liver or kidney they must not consume this medicine.


What are the medications with whom the Pain-O-Soma can show interaction?

The medicine Pain-O-Soma show interaction with medicines like Aspirin, Clonazepam, Gabapentin, Metformin, Venlafaxine, Xanax, Cymbalta, Ambien, and others.


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