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Generic Carisoprodol - Prosoma 500mg
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Succinct narration and action mechanism apropos to ProSoma Pain Relief Tablets:

The active ingredient embodied within brand ProSoma is Carisoprodol who falls under the therapeutic category called CNS Depressants. The medicine functions awesome to pacify the dreadful condition of pain by interrupting the traverse of panic signals from the region got injured to reaching the brain. The medicine effectively cures the acute to severe level of musculoskeletal pain.  Complete rest and mild physiotherapy sessions might improve the medical condition of the patient.


Dosing schedule apropos to ProSoma Pain Relief Tablets:

The dosing of ProSoma 500 to 350 mg, can be given to a patient thrice in a day with colossal water. Do not overdose this medication and must not crush the dosing too. Missed dose should be consumed as soon when you remember but do not take a double dose to cover the skipped dose else might result in insomnia, depression, paralysis or fast heartbeats. If you observe these symptoms, immediately talk to your physician.


Adverse effects allied with ProSoma Pain Relief Tablets:

Some common adverse effects allied with ProSoma intake are an annoyance, agitation, lack of coordination, arrhythmia, drowsiness, fatigue, headache, queasiness, indistinct vision, sleeping difficulty, and tremors.


Do's and Don'ts with ProSoma Pain Relief Tablets:

  • Do not consume alcohol with ProSoma or give the same to patients under 12 years of age.
  • Do not administer Carisoprodol to pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers without the prior consultation with a physician.
  • ProSoma is a habit forming drug and its long-term use can cause drug abuse, so never given in patients who have a history of drug abuse.
  • Do not omit this medicine as if sudden else might precipitate adverse effects.
  • Do not consume narcotic drugs, allergic medicines, muscle relaxants, sleeping pills or anti-depressants with ProSoma.
  • Patient with dysfunction of liver/kidney and heart must consume medicine only after seeking the advice of a physician.


Drug interactions allied with ProSoma Pain Relief Tablets:

Some medicines like Trazodone, Omeprazole, Oxycodone, Zolpidem, Clonazepam Tramadol, Gabapentin, and Lisinopril are said to interact with ProSoma to alter their efficacy so must not consume the same. 

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