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Buy Soma 500MG | soma for pain

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Carisoprodol - Pain-O-Soma - 500mg
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Why do you need Pain O Soma Tablets?

Pain O Soma 350 | 500mg mitigates any type of musculoskeletal associated painful condition. This medication used to prevent pain sensations such as muscle tremor, the stiffness of muscle, and spasm that arises inside the body. Pain O Soma is meant to be used for crushing severe muscle pain. It works on central nervous system and treats moderate to severe muscle related pain.


How does Pain O Soma functions?

Pain O Soma comprises of generic as Carisoprodol. It works by stopping the movements of musculoskeletal pain stimulus across your nerves and brain, and finally, causes sedation plus alters the pain perception.


What is the dose info about Pain O Soma Tablets?

To beat the muscle related painful problem, ingest 500 mg to 350 mg thrice per day, and at night time before you sleep or 500 mg twice per day. The maximal dosage strength of Pain O Soma can be taken up to two to three weeks. The maximal dose of Pain O Soma is 1400 mg. 


What are the contradictory factors to follow with Pain O Soma Tablets?

  • When you have any allergies with Pain O Soma, do never use Pain O Soma.
  • You should not consume it in pregnancy condition or in lactating mothers without doctor permission.
  • Do not give it to patients whose age is below 12 years.
  • If you observe any medical conditions like a seizure disorder, porphyria, or epilepsy, you should contradict the use of Pain O Soma.

What are the safety precautions to follow with Pain O Soma Tablets?

  • Stop yourself from drinking the liquor and taking sedative pills before you use Pain O Soma.
  • You may feel dizziness or drowsiness, so be vigilant before you get involved in harsh work.
  • Do not abruptly stop Pain O Soma use at once, as there are possibilities of getting withdrawal symptoms.


What are the harmful effects with Pain O Soma Tablets?

Common side effects with Pain O Soma are sleepiness, confusion, nausea, dizziness, headache, restlessness, inaccurate vision, feeling light-headed, agitation, fainting, vomiting, tremor, and stomach upset.

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