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Tramacip generic Tramadol is a painkiller and is useful for ceasing pain sensations. It is known as an opioid pain medication that is immediately released and its action starts within an hour. Tramadol is helpful in mild to severe pain be it acute or chronic pain. Tramadol works centrally in the brain. Tramadol is taken for pain related to post-operative, dental, cancer, and acute musculoskeletal.

How Tramacip functions?

Tramacip shows its working by acting as a µ opioid receptor agonist and it also works as serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. It impedes pain stimulus that moves from the site of pain towards the brain center. Hence, it lowers the pain sensation that might pass throughout the body.

What is the dosage info about Tramacip?

In adults for ceasing the painful condition, use immediate release pills 50 to 100 mg after every four to six hours duration as required for ending the pain. You should consume it via the oral route. The maximal dose one should use for thwarting pain is up to 400 mg per day. The pediatric dose for abating pain sensations is 50 to 100 mg after every four to six hours duration via the oral route. The maximal dose can be used up to 400 mg per day. It should be consumed with or without meals. 

What are the contradictory factors to follow with Tramacip?

  • Do never use it in mothers who feed milk to their kids and in the case of pregnant ladies.
  • Totally contraindicate in allergic reactions, a stomach blockage, and severe asthma problems.
  • You should not use sedatives, alcohol, tranquilizers, and narcotic medications when you have used Tramacip.
  • Do not use in patients whose age is less than 16 years without doctor permission.

What are important points to follow with Tramacip?

  • You may get habit formation with Tramadol, so stop its misuse.
  • When you have problems like mental illness, alcohol addiction, stomach ulcer, drug abuse, liver disorder, and kidney disorder, do never use Tramacip.
  • Tramadol changes your thinking process so stop activities that need more mental alertness.
  • People who have any history of drug abuse or drug addiction should not take Tramacip.

What are the harmful effects with Tramacip?

Common side effects that arise with Tramacip are tired feeling, a headache, feeling nervous, dizziness, drowsiness, itching, nausea, stomach pain, flushing, and sweating.

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