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Provibol | Mesterolone Tablets 25 MG

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Provibol - Proviron - Mesterolone
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50 Tablets Provibol | Mesterolone Tablets 25 MG $92.00 $1.84
100 Tablets Provibol | Mesterolone Tablets 25 MG $165.00 $1.65
150 Tablets Provibol | Mesterolone Tablets 25 MG $232.00 $1.55
Provibol - Proviron - Mesterolone

What happens if you take an overdose?


Symptoms: Excess use of Provibol has been associated with adverse effects including increased risk of cardiovascular disease, neoplasms,liver abnormalities, abnormal changes in blood lipid profile, decreased glucose tolerance, hypogonadism states like Gynaecomastia, reduced sexual ability, gastrointestinal bleeding, psychiatric disturbances, acute withdrawal syndrome and tendon damage.


Management: Symptomatic treatment should be undertaken and contact your physician immediately before these symptoms worsen.

Side effectsof Provibol 25mg


Allergic reactions may occur with the use of this drug, which may include:


  • swelling of the lips, face, tongue or other parts of the body
  • difficulty in breathing and swallowing food
  • rash, redness, itching or hives on the skin

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