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Stad 14000 - Lignocaine
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What is Stad 14000?

Stad 14000 is a Lidocaine spray that is used by the men around the niche and corners of the world to cure their weird sensual issue of premature ejaculation. The disorder is defined as the inability or insufficiency of men to hold the control over their semen ejaculation until the couple attains the sensual pleasure. Actually, in this state, the men ejaculate as soon as he penetrates or starts the coitus, thus left devoid of the sensual pleasure.


What is the mode of action of Stad 14000?

Stad 14000 is a local anesthetic which when sprayed on the tip of the penile, generic Lidocaine makes the nerves underlying the thin elastic skin layer of the intimate organ (penile) from sending pain or stimulation signals to the brain. Thus, blocks the ionic influx crucial for the commencement and transmission of an impulse from the site or dick to reach the brain. This is how the Stad 14000 enables the men to stretch their time of ejaculation whilst enjoying the intimate session with a partner.


What is the correct methodology to use the Stad 14000 spray?

Men before spraying the Stad 14000 over his penile must shake the spraying can and then hold the spray can min 5-10 cm away from the organ and then spray the medicine over the penile tip for about 3-4 times. Now, slightly rub your organ and can go for a better intimate session. Use this spray min 10-15 minutes in lieu of love making the session. The maximum times the man can spray, the Stad 14000 over his penile is approx10 times.


What are the Side effects of using Stad 14000 spray?

Men using Stad 14000 spray must remember that it develops some side effects too such as itching, irritation, burning, queasiness, anxiety, stomach upset, troubles of vision and hear, warmth in a particular region, flushing of the face and headache.


What are the precautions allied with Stad 14000?

Men should take some precautionary measures when using the Lidocaine spray, as mentioned below:

  • Avoid the intake of alcohol and tobacco smoke when using the spray.
  • Men should maintain the distance of min 5 cm whilst spraying the Stad.
  • Do not spray the medication over the penile skin if there is any cut, abrasion or injury in the skin.


What are the contraindications with the usage of Stad 14000?

  • A patient who develops some allergy after spraying the medicine must not use the same further.
  • Patient with difficulty of vital functions like cardiac, renal and hepatic then they must talk to a physician prior using the spray.

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